Comedy and Outreach

The best science is funny.

The worst science is also funny. 


Crypto Rump Session 2018

You can watch our block-chain themed musical comedy performance here.


Stand Up

I regularly perform at The Symposium, an academic stand up show hosted at Caveat. You can watch my most recent set here, and older sets here and here. 

TedX pic.jpg

TEDx NY 2016

Watch my talk, "The Adventure of Alice and the Encrypted Message". It has villains, assassins, and kittens. 


Crypto Rump Session 2016

To see comedy specially engineered for cryptographers - you can watch our parody song performance from the crypto 2016 rump session here. 


Sketch Comedy

In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I made this funny video to raise awareness and funds to support Sanctuary for Families.